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Extremely profitable!

Average win rate for our Forex signals is 75%. You will make 300 to 700 pips monthly just by following our Forex signals. You can increase your position size every month and build wealth using the power of compounding.

Simple! Set it & forget it!

Our Forex signals are very easy to use. You get clear entry point, Stop Loss and precise exit point with each Forex signal. No screen watching necessary! No changes required! This profitable Forex strategy is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders.


Low risk!

Strict money management rules are provided along with the Forex signals. High win rate, small losses will make your Forex trading account grow faster with less risk. All Forex signals are provided with a predefined stop loss.

Why choose us?

  • 📊

    High win rate

    Our Forex signals win rate is 75% on average. Unlike other Forex signal providers, we deliver what we promise.

  • Use of Stop Loss

    All our Forex signals are sent out with a predefined Stop Loss. You know your exact risk for each Forex trade. Stop Losses are between 20 and 30 pips depending on the currency pair, and that includes the spread. So your risk is actually very small. The riskto reward ratio is at least 1:1.

  • 🔾

    Low Drawdown

    With a 1% risk per trade, the drawdown will probably never be more than 10%. Actually, using this same Forex strategy, all months have been very profitable since January 2012.

  • 🏆

    Power of neural networks

    We are the only Forex signal provider that uses the predictive power from artificial neural network technology. This is the core of Lion Strategy and you will benefit from a proven trading strategy using state-of-the-art neural networks and genetic algorithms to generate profitable Forex trading signals.

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    Ease of use

    Our Forex signals are as easy as it gets and do not require any experience nor trading skill. All Forex signals are Stop orders and sent out by SMS and email. You just have to enter them in your Forex trading account exactly as you receive them and go back to work or whatever you were doing. There are no spread calculations or changes required. It will just take you one minute. You can trade directly from your smartphone if you wish. You just need to set the expiration time/date of the Stop order at 6.00 p.m. GMT the same day.  If the trade has been triggered but is still open at the end of the trading day, just close it before the next day (at around 10:00 p.m. GMT). If you are too busy to enter the trade, if you are sleeping (depending on your time zone) or if you miss out on the trade, there is no problem at all. Just wait for the next trade. It is that easy!

  • Best time zone

    All our Forex trading signals are sent out during the London trading session. That is currently between 6:00 a.m. GMT and 5:00 p.m. GMT. So you know exactly when to expect them. Depending on your time zone, you may miss out on some of the trades. But many of the trades are triggered at the opening of the U.S. trading session. This is suitable to anyone from any geographical location. We usually send out around 50 signals per month on average. You can miss out on some trades and still make consistent profits.

  • 🚀

    Power of compounding

    If you are looking for a Forex strategy that will allow you to use the power of compounding and sky rocket your income and/or your trading account, look no further. Lion Strategy is consistently profitable, uses tight Stop Losses and generates enough Forex signals to quickly recover from any drawdown that may occur. Those are the exact requirements you need in order to compound your Forex profits.

    Let’s assume you are starting with a $10,000 Forex trading account and only risking 1% per Forex signal. Since our Stop Losses are only 25 pips in average including spread, you are actually trading 0.4 lot ($4 per pip).

    Let’s assume you are only making 300 pips per month which is below our average and you are increasing your position size at the beginning of each month.

    After one month, you will make $1,200 in profits.

    After the second month, you will make $1,344 in profits.

    After the third month, you will make $1,686 in profits.

    After six months, you will make $2,369 in profits.

    After twelve months, you will make $4,675 n profits.

    Yes, that will be $4,675 in profits per month after just one year and your Forex trading account will jump from $10,000 to $42,435.

    This is not reckless trading. Those results are with 1% risk per trade and just 300 pips per month.

    Now,  if we assume you are risking 2% per Forex signal, with the same 300 pips per month, your profits would be $31,715 per month after just twelve months and your trading account will jump from $10,000 to… $161,461.

    The math never lies. Along with your own discipline and patience, Lion Strategy is all that you need in order to build wealth and generate massive income.

  • Free trial

    Unlike all other Forex signal providers, we offer a 100% free trial to ALL our subscribers. For 10 full days, you will get our  Forex signals by SMS on your mobile or smartphone just like a regular subscriber and at our own expense. If, for any reason, you change your mind, just cancel your subscription and it won’t cost you anything! It’s simple! We are the only Forex signal provider that offers this completely risk-free guarantee.

Lion Strategy is  powerful and  easy to use. It’s probably the last profitable Forex strategy you will ever need.



If you have been a subscriber for at least two months and want to share your experience with Lion Strategy, send us a short video, and you will get $20 off your next billing cycle!

I am really impressed by your entry and exit points.

Kiran Hannan

I love this Lion Strategy. Your trades are outstanding !

Herbert Habermann

I made $ 4100 profits in my first month ! I am really impressed ! Cheers !

Janos Koronczay

I have increased my account by 25% since April. And I am still following your recommendations regarding risk percentage per trade. Thanks guys ! Keep it up !

Paul Quigley

You are definitely the BEST Forex signal provider I have ever tried! And I have tried many! GRAZIE MILLE!

Giuseppe Brachetti

Still not convinced ? Don’t take our word for it… We are the only Forex signal provider that offers a FREE trial!

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